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Why Choose Website design Oldham?






The website subscriptions on this website are available to anyone - just give us a call to discuss! We have chosen to focus this website on the Oldham area as it is local to where CTRLmedia are based. We are trying to get the website ranked on Googles first page for this search term as we think it will be quite popular when local businesses search for these services. Website Designers Oldham have developed websites to be used world wide not just locally in Oldham - we have worked with companies based in Manchester, New York, LA, Scandinavia... the list goes on.   



Website design Oldham build mobile friendly websites which are professional looking, fast loading with lots of clever functionality to impress your customers in to feeling confident in your brand. We have over 10 years’ experience in creating content managed websites that can be scaled and developed in to full online applications if need be. From one page websites to eCommerce websites to online applications for internal use Website Design Oldham can provide you with professional solutions.

You can find examples of our work to see what to expect from our packages and will have as much involvement in the design as you want, we will not launch the website until you are totally happy with it. Satisfaction should therefore be guaranteed.



Website design has changed a lot in the last year or so especially with the introduction of the smart phone and tablets. In some countries the amount of smart phones has surpassed the number of desktop computers so having a mobile-friendly website is a must.

Search engines such as Google now prefer to see mobile friendly websites and rank website higher if they are mobile-friendly, this is mainly because local searches are far more common on smart phones than on other devices so having a highly ranked mobile-friendly website is extremely important.

For example you are likely to search for “Website Design Oldham” on your smartphone than on a personal computer as you are looking for a localized result. (it would be more like “landscape gardener” and Google would search locally).



When designing an online shop it is very important to make people feel confident when using it. To gain confidence you need:

  • A simple easy to use navigation and product layout
  • An SSL certificate to add a padlock and https: to your website address
  • Fast Reliable experience – slow loading pages can put shoppers off very quickly
  • Professional looking design
  • Payment process from a reliable provider

As you will read below our hosting and design experience will fulfil the entire list above allowing you to concentrate on supplying all of the orders!




SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of making your website highly ranked by search engines like Google. Organic traffic from search engines is when people find your website without using an advert or paid click which you can see at the top and side of Google’s search results.

We at Website Design Oldham use various techniques on your website to try and get on the first page of Google for whichever expression you like.  We do this by trying to show Google (and other search engines) that your website is very relevant to the search term that the user entered.

There is no sure fire way to get to the top of the ranking and there is no guarantee it will stay at the top if it does get there. Google is always evolving and so are the areas it looks at to rank websites.

SEO is a full time job in itself and therefore we can only build the website the most optimized we can to help search engines rank you the highest they can.

For example we have lots of tags and references to “Website Design Oldham” as we think that is the term people are likely to search for in our local area. This will be seen by the search engines and ranked alongside other websites with the same content theme.

Other things you could consider if SEO is important to you is making a blog and keeping it updated, having a big social media presence, and using pay per click advertising just to name a few.



Website Design Oldham use a lightning fast, 100% SSD hosting provider with next to no down time with cloud, load balanced auto-scaling servers.

Cloud hosting means that there is no single point of failure, your website is not hosted on one server it is on the whole platform meaning it will always be up.

Traffic will also be re-routed through different servers to ensure no one server is overloaded meaning that If a website gets a surge in traffic the hosting platform automatically scales up or down ensuring your website is not affected by any other website on the platform.



Another security addition on our hosting platform is our timeline backup system. We take backups of all of the websites every day to ensure that if anything does happen we can restore it back to a working condition very quickly.



SSL certificates – Everyone knows to look in the address bar in the browser for the padlock symbol and you can see https:// before your website. These symbols illustrate that the website is encrypted and it is safe to enter your private details. All ecommerce website need this to take payment details as well as general login credentials.

Website design Oldham can offer different levels of SSL certificates depending on the size and nature of the website.

Websites without SSL’s are now being marked by Google and are possibly ranked lower than their competitors.



With all of our packages you can have an unlimited amount of email set up from hello@ to john.smith or even

All email accounts have the expected functionality of anywhere else, email forwarding, IMAP, POP3; allowing you to set up on any device from mobile phones to outlook on your desktop


• High quality hosting included
• Reliable lightening fast SSD
• Free SSL for your peace of mind
• Load balanced for consistency


Receive your emails direct to
your phone or mobile device
as well as outlook or via a
website. All bases covered.


Weekly/Monthly payments can be set up
once you are completely happy with
your new website.

All packages include:
No up front cost
On site SEO
Low monthly cost
Free hosting
Fully responsive
Free logo design
Email Setup
SSL Certificate


Our startup package is ideal for new small businesses who need a professional looking website to get started.
  • Multi-Tab Website


Perfect for small or startup business who need to let their potential customers learn a bit more about their products/services.
  • 4-6 Page Website
  • Basic SEO


Perfect for businesses who are looking to revitalise their online brand. A great option if you have an old website that need revamping.
  • 8-12 Page Website
  • Social Media Branding
  • Advanced SEO
  • Supplied Design Artwork


Got some products you want to sell online. Want a bespoke custom shop that is open 24 hours a day, then this is the package for you.
  • 16+ Page Website
  • E-Commerce
  • Advanced SEO
  • Supplied Design Artwork

Got a question? Give us a call.
08455 192 676

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